1. What Makes Asbury Park Pedal Boats So Special?

Quite simply, it’s a chance to have lots of fun after a beautiful day on Wesley Lake with Historic Ocean Grove as a backdrop. The swans offer the perfect time together with the kids or friends and family – it’s a chance to make special memories that will last a lifetime.

2. Is There Convenient Parking in Asbury Park?

There is always convenient parking available on Lake Street in front of APPB or get warmed-up, come by bike and park in our secure bike racks.

3. Are Boats Large Enough for a Family?

To ensure comfort and safety, our boats are designed to accommodate a maximum of two adults and one child or an adult and two children. Larger families have fun booking a few different boats.

4. Do We Really Need Safety Vests?

Beyond having fun, your safety is very important to us. Everyone, including our capable dockside team must wear a safety vest on the boats. For your comfort, we offer “stylish” yellow vests in lots of comfortable sizes.

5. Can I Choose My Favorite Boat?

Yes, a colorful selection of fun boats including elegant swans, friendly dragons, happy pelicans and a new pink flamingo is always available, usually without having to wait.

6. How Long Does a Boat Ride Last?

Rates are for a half-hour but guests who are really enjoying themselves know it’s easy to loose track of time. So when booking off-peak, you can add an extra half-hour. This doubles your fun with even more time on Wesley Lake.

7. How Close Is APP to the Beach, Boardwalk & Downtown?

APPB is in the perfect spot. We are centrally located between the beach and both Asbury Park and Ocean Grove downtowns. Everything is just a pleasant walk – only minutes away from restaurants, cafes, shops, boardwalks and beaches.

8. How Do I Book Family, School or Club Outings?

It’s easy and guests do it all the time. Everyone is looking for new things to do. So just call or e-mail your request. APPB offers discounted off-peak group rates for birthday parties or special celebrations and group outings. We do everything needed to accommodate large groups and promise to make every visit memorable.

9. Are Snacks or Cold Drinks Available?

Yes, we sell refreshing, cold beverages and healthy snacks all day.

10. Can APPB Help Plan a Visit to the Shore?

Of course, we are very familiar with the local area and can help you get the most out of your visit to Asbury Park and Ocean Grove. We have free guides and maps featuring places to stay, beaches and boardwalks, memorable restaurants and music venues.

11. When’s the Best Time for a Romantic Swan Ride?

Dramatic sunset sails seem to be the most popular, especially after a romantic dinner at nearby Moonstruck or lively Ivan & Andy’s Prime. Nina, our elegant black swan is often the choice for first dates.

12. Operating Your Boat Is Easy

You are in total control. Just sit back, pedal forward or backward like a bicycle and man the black-knob tiller. Steering is always fun, especially for the kids – just simply turn the knob in the direction you want your boat to go. As a precaution, guests are asked to stay clear of the scenic bridges spanning Asbury Park and Ocean Grove. And please, no speeding!

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Our Rates Are
For 2 adults + 1 child $20 for half-hour